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Litter "X" od Úhoště


Germany, ♂
Dwarfism: free (N/N)


E. Dahlberg
Denver, Colorado, USA, ♂

Xavier used to live with different owners in California and now he lives in Colorado. His family owns an older Vlcak called Ana (Ana'Be de l'Ame des Loups), who is his big friend and boss now. He doesn't like the tough winter there too much, but he loves playing in the snow. He's tall with long legs and weighs more than 36 kilograms. Personality-wise they described him as a jokester, a spunky adolescent still growing into a perfect wolfdog gentleman:]
We met with them on our visit to the US in 2014, photos here.
Dwarfism: free (N/N)


S. Schoberth
Germany, ♀
Dwarfism: free (N/N)

Xenobia (Eva)

K. Zujevič
St. Petersburg, Russia, ♀

For the first four months she lived with different owner who called her Noby, and now she has a loving family with a baby and a Husky:] She survived jumping from second floor, has a very energetic temperament and poses nicely for photos, so that I can observe her similarity with Raksha.
Dwarfism: free (N/N)



Q. José
Spain, ♀

Lives with Yoko od Úhoště, and possibly resembles Raksha the most.
Dwarfism: free (N/N)

Xtraa (Jury)

K. Eisel, Germany, ♂, More

Lives in Germany with both his parents Queen and Jawzahr. We met with them on several occassions in Czech Republic, so I have taken some pictures of them together with Raksha for the "family album";]
He succesfully competes at dog shows. 5 x CAJC, 4 x CAC, 1 x res. CACIB, 1 x BOB, 2 x Best dog, 4 x CACIB, 4 x VDH-ChA, 1 x res. CAC, 1 x res. VDH-ChA, 1 x Jugendsieger Leipzig
Xtraa is also an approved stud dog.
Dysplasia: hips B1, elbows A (0-0), Dr. med. vet. Schunk (GER)
PRA: free, checked 2011-01-16
Degenerative myelopathy: carrier (N/DM)
Dwarfism: free (N/N)
Bonitation in Germany: AsOcR1P3/67cm Xv 54,5 Xf 111,2 (Bonitation judge: Soňa Bognárová)

Xtreem Psyche

C. Spinetti, Germany, ♂

Lives at a farm with horses and his wolfdog family. His mate is a Marxdorfer Wolfshund and 26.10.2010 she gave birth to their first litter of wolfdogs of whom four stayed home. He can make jokes and jump 2 meters without a problem.
Dwarfism: free (N/N)

For more information please see the breeder's web page: http://www.wolfdog.wbs.cz/Vrhy-X-Y-Z.html